Mind,Soul & Body 2023

Born in Missouri, Dr. Deborah Craton grew up in Bedford, Indiana, and was in the last graduating class of the old Bedford High School. She did her undergraduate work at David Lipscomb College (now Lipscomb University) in Nashville, Tennessee, and received her M.D. degree from Indiana University Medical School in Indianapolis. After fulfilling a residency program in Gadsden, Alabama, she and her family moved back to Bedford, where she has practiced family medicine since 1984. She married John Craton, a classical music composer, in 1978, and they have been married now for 40 years. Together they have three grown sons, two daughters-in-law, several cats, and a number of grand cats.”

January 2023

I have written in the past about lessons I have learned from our cats, Lily and Dahlia.  Here’s another one…. When our cats want something, they generally sit at the edge of the table, meow a few times and then wait.  If they really want our attention, they will reach out their paws and tap us as we walk by! They will continue this activity until they feel as if they have made their message clear.

Occasionally in the mornings, as I sip on my hot tea doing my Scripture readings they will gather around me, one on each side, just lying there being quiet. They do not to want to be petted. They are just letting me know they are there offering their companionship.

There are times I walk into the kitchen, and I cannot find either one of them! I look in their favorite hiding places, but I cannot see them. As I continue my search reexamining areas I have already searched, there they will be…. just sitting there, being a “ninja cat.” They are in plain sight but camouflaged!

When I think about recognizing the presence of God in my life, I can learn something from my cats’ behavior.

Before I retired from medicine, I found it easy to see or feel God’s presence every day. HE was right there with me when I was delivering a newborn baby or sitting at the bedside of a beloved patient as they took their last breath. God reached out helping me through some tough situations.

Since retirement, I feel God’s presence in a less dramatic way. I feel HIM more in the quiet hours of the morning. HE surrounds me as I work on my Bible lessons. HE is quietly sitting with me as I study and examine HIS Word.

And there are still those times, when I least expect it, usually as the sun is rising or in the black winter sky with the moon and stars glowing brightly, things that happen every single day, that suddenly there HE is! HE has been there all along, but now I see HIM more clearly. I can also see God in the faces of the people I see every day…. friends, colleagues, complete strangers at the grocery store.

God is present every day, all day. In a recent sermon, it was pointed out that one of the Names of Christ is “Immanuel” which means “God with us.” Through Christ, though HIS Spirit, God is always with us!