My who, what, and why.



Who am I? that is a question I often ask myself, I am a lover of all things quotes and sayings, of journaling the life God has given me, of sharing the passions of a God-styled life with others. This is my personal creative outlet. What is my goal? to inspire others through Gods word and all he has created for us. to use my God-given gifts and talents, to showcase others and their God-given gifts and talents.

The biggest question is why? because we are all called to do so, as a Gods girl I want to come to the end of my life being empty of all he has given this vessel to use. This blog will allow me to not only use my gifts and talents but to showcase the gifts and talents of others. My goal is to showcase inspired lives of those around us, to share our stories with the world, to inspire others to words and actions. Apply the word of God to life.

Who do you know in your circle of influence that inspires you? What is it about that person that is inspiring? Each week for a 6 week period as a way of introducing a different aspect of this blog I will feature someone who inspires me. Some of the women are well known, some just known to me but each has inspired me in their own way and each is a Gods Girl.

Saved To Serve, Serve To Inspire,