Directions and Road Maps


My husband and I see differently on how to get from point A to point B, for him an old-fashioned road map is the way to go, for me, it’s google maps, input your start point and add your destination and hit the little arrow key on your phone screen and your off on an adventure! An adventure is exactly what you will get, you see sometimes I get ahead of or think that sweet Miss Google is saying one thing when actually she means something entirely different, take for example our recent trip to Indianapolis, well Caramel, Indiana to be exact we were staying in Indianapolis, anyway we were looking for Salvage & Company in Caramel, Indiana because my favorite HGTV show Good Bones stars were to be there for a meet & greet, Miss Google, kept sending us around the many roundabouts and believe me there are many, we would do what she said or so we thought, only to be told it was wrong and she would correct us once again, I really think at one point she was getting a bit snippy with us after about four attempts to get to our destination she finally said we had arrived, we have arrived?  But where are we?

After a couple laps around a large building and parking lot we had indeed arrived, we had our picture taken with Mina and Karen, looked around and then once again relied on sweet Miss Google to get us to Wild Eggs, only a couple of blocks from where we were, yeah right, here we go round the roundabouts once again only to get there by accident, never the less we arrived.

My husband prefers a roadmap in hand to the Google Maps any day of the week and truth be told it still gets us where we want to go and we still have an adventure. This adventure got me to thinking how God gives us a roadmap in his word and sometimes we take a long way around to getting where we need to be with God.


God gives us a clear route to take and yet somehow we end up going down the wrong roads in life, we make the choice not to follow the route laid before us and go in a completely wrong direction. Sometimes Satan throws a detour our way and we think this could be a fun adventure, and maybe it is for a season but eventually, we end up on a dead-end road crying out to God to save us, because we are so lost.

If you are lost and not sure what direction to take, go to God and ask Him to help you, ask him to forgive you for going the wrong way, and forgive yourself as well, then follow Gods map home to Him.

If you have never given your life to Christ, pray this prayer and ask him into your life;


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