God Styled Life

Maggie P Photography 6

God has been showing me many things here lately, I started making it a practice each morning to get up and get quiet before God, I have been reading in a devotional book called Embraced by Lysa TerKeurst, there are several things that have spoke to my heart but the one thing that has really stood out is this quote from Lysa in the book, “The exact way God made you is in keeping with how God will use you.”

Tonight at church Jimmy talked about starting and how God closes doors and opens others, I took a giant scary step toward my dreams that God planted in my heart 12 years ago and did something that will give me forward momentum to reaching my dream, I don’t think it is a coincidence that at this same time I take another very bold step out of my comfort zone to go public with my weight loss journey, the whole thing scares the bejesus out of me…lol

So as Lysa TerKeurst quoted “The exact way God made you is in keeping with how God will use you.” and today I truly believe through much prayer God is doing exactly that! I am excited about this new journey and will continue to tune in to what God speaks to me, knowing all the while that The very way God made me will always keep with how He uses me!

Saved To Serve,

Maggie P