Lamentations 3:24

What does portion mean? a part of a whole; an amount, section, or piece of something. To divide (something) into shares to be distributed among two or more people.When I think of this word I think of the weight loss journey I am on and think in terms of food portions or the term portion control.

In college and probably before then I let portion control go out the window, I used food as a soother for all the horrible emotions I experienced, in the 80’s that seems to also be when fastfood and restaurants decided to supersize their portions, so now you could upgrade your portion to supersize, I don’t know about you but McDonalds french fries back then were my passion, oh my who knew that they could taste so good and be supersized, that was the beginning of the end for me, samwiches also became supersizeable, in 1986 I was pregnant with our daughter and mid-way through my pregnancy I craved Stombolies, these samwhiches were served on a basic small loaf of italian bread, a carb lovers dream! While carrying our daughter I believe she enjoyed them as well and I contribute that to her coming into this world with a head full of hair and of course the heartburn that would follow eating a stromboli.

So what does this have to do with God being our “portion” it is simple when we allow God to be our portion and our control(guide) our lives are not perfect but we experience a life centered and balanced, just like when we use portion control in our eating habits, our bodies get the right nutrients and we are healthier for it. When we live our lives with God as our portion, we allow Him to work through us and He guides our paths, forever and always my portion you,God alone will be.

Lord, Great is your faithfullness, your mercies are fresh every morning, you are my portion, my hope is always in you! In your name I pray this. Amen.