Tonight as I prepare to shut down for bedtime I am reminded of just how loved by God I am, as He continues to open doors for me to walk through, God knows just what I need and when I need it and what I need to do.

Today is my husbands birthday, several weeks ago I asked him what he needed, he is an avid bike rider and got a new bike at the first of the year, he rides every day he gets a chance, this year I got him an air pump for his bikes and well mine too.

This afternoon I changed my mind about taking him out to eat and decided to make him supper at home as part of my gift to him, I made something besides a casserole for a change, you see the kitchen is really his domain by choice but I am the queen of the casseroles!! One dish cooking is my thing, but tonight I stepped out of the box and made a full on meal.

Since I have started weight watchers I refuse to fix cakes, pies, cobblers, I don’t need or want the temptation of that laying around here, my friend brought foil and the birthday mini pie, Did you know Little Debbie’s makes mini pies, I didn’t. So when candle time rolled around it was a cherry mini pie which I had 3/8 of and we shared the last of the ice cream about a tablespoon each, just the right amount for us both to enjoy! Steve enjoyed his meal, pie and loved his gift of the much-needed air pump.

Tonight as I lay my head on my pillow I thank God for all of his blessings and for seeing me through another day and tonight I thank him for each of you. May God bless and be with each of you.

Saved To Serve,
Maggie P