God Styled Life – Part 2

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In every season my favorite place to have my quiet time is my front porch, I love those days when God allows me to wake just before or as the sun is rising on the horizon, there is a stillness and sweet calm about the world as it wakes up from a nights slumber. Lots of times I just sit there with my eyes closed and listen to the birds and nature come alive, some mornings I can hear God through the wind as a gentle breeze blows the wind chimes on my front porch. 

My favorite place to sit in is the chair closest to you in this picture, there is usually a mug of coffee up with, my devotional books, my bible and sometimes if it is a little chilly a blanket. 

A God Styled Life is not just in our homes but on the outside too, it’s how we live our faith out loud and not just with our words. Since originally posting this blog post I have changed seasons and we are now in Fall, so the porch has taken on its Fall dressing. I think this is the season I enjoy most on my porch as it lends to cooler, but not freezing weather to relax and enjoy the start and finish of my days.

Saved To Serve A God Styled Life,

Maggie P