God Styled Life – Part 4


This is the top of the bookcase that is in our bedroom, I love to bird watch especially in the Winter months, the contrast of the brightly colored birds against the snow is especially beautiful. I love how God gives us beauty in every season, even in the gray times of life there is a beauty.

This bookcase is on the wall opposite of our bed so I can see it when I am laying in the bed at night or when I awake in the morning, it is a visual reminder of those things God has richly blessed me with, my family, His creation, and the memories made of our various trips that are in my memory jar pictured in the center and above the bookcase is the word BLESSED, this too is a visual reminder, it sometimes is easy for me to forget when I am down just how richly blessed I truly am.

Sprinkling reminders around our home is a very good way to live a God Styled Life, it allows those who we have in our homes to see God and it shows other without our words our deep desire to serve the Lord with all our hearts. 

Saved To Serve A God Styled Life,

Maggie P