God Styled Life – Part 5


This is the epic center of all things God Styled Life with Maggie P, I have written about my love for Jesus within these four walls and all things coffee, some of these sayings, pictures, etc.. are gifts from others and some are just things that were happenstance but all represent my love for God, this is my ministry office, my creative studio, print pressroom but most importantly this is my home, the home that God promised me many years ago, you see our sweet little house was once the Christian Preschool I used to teach at and every day for the 16 years I taught here I prayed that one day this sweet little house would be our home.

God honored my request 7 years ago, I remember praying as we went through the process and God honored my service of teaching those little ones about His love and word by allowing us to buy the very home it was taught in. The very house that taught the word of God to little children, is now the very place where the word of God is written about. Welcome to my God Styled Life! 

Saved To Serve A God Styled Life,

Maggie P