An Open Love Letter To You


Today is Valentine’s Day and there is absolutely no money to spend on a gift, so my love this is my gift to you and by the way, the whole wide world will see it! I know that I have been struggling lately and in those struggles, it is easy for me to forget all the reasons why I still choose you, the obvious is that you are a wonderful provider to your family, even when our Daughter was little you have always been a hard worker, sometimes working multiple jobs. 

A long time ago I learned that our faith walks would not be the same, I do know you are a man after Gods own heart and I know you struggle just as I do in that walk sometimes, but at the end of the day I know your priority is putting God first, your wife(me) and family and friends, and then your job.  I love that you ponder the word of God and then share your heart, it is always profound to me the insights God gives you.

Knowing from the moment I first met you that you were the one God had for me, and it was confirmed by our Daughter, you both are the greatest gift from God I have received in this life and I love you both so very much. I don’t want to think of my life without you in it and I know that I don’t always communicate that through my words and actions, but I promise you there is no one else I want to do life with other than you.

One of the most favorite things I love to do with you is to travel, whether it is a day trip, date night/day or road trip my favorite adventure’s are with you! I love how you humor me for a selfie picture, protesting the whole time but like the picture above, those are some of my favorite memories that I can go back and look on.

So, my love, we are not promised tomorrow but as long as I live I will continue to love you, today, tomorrow and forever! thank you for choosing me to be your helpmate, lover, and wife.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019

Saved To Serve,

Maggie P