Bloom Where You Are Planted

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Photo Credit: Maggie P Photography

John 15:1-5

As I sit here writing this I am so ready for warmer months ahead, longer days watching the sun rise and set from my front porch and back yard. There is a long list of things to do both inside and outside the house, one of those things is painting the outside of our home, taking care to choose the right colors and finding the right person to do the job in order for it to look nice.

One of our other project is cleaning up and replanting our flower beds, we have two memorial gardens one at the side of our house in memory of Poppy, my husbands father, the other is in front of our back shed in the backyard and it was created for my Mom, she passed 6 years ago and Poppy has been seven or eight years ago , I know that is bad that we are not sure but I promise you we don’t miss him any less, Poppy had such a sweet and giving spirit, he is missed greatly as is my Mom, she gave of herself to help other most all of her life on top of the care of her Mother and a mentally challenged daughter(my sister).

Why do I bring all this up?  because those two gardens have been neglected for a bit, that is why they are on our clean up/replant list. Much like in our scripture it talks about how God is the true gardener, he cuts off the dead branches and prunes the healthy one to keep them growing strong. Just like when we neglect our gardens things die, when we neglect being in the word of God and cultivating our spirituality we become dead inside and the only way to revive is to grow in Gods word. 

Have you had a dead season in you life? have you ever felt like you can’t hear God? Take time to cut of the dead branches in your life and prune the live ones , dig deep into Gods word and grow in your faith!

Saved To Serve A God Styled Life,

Maggie P