A view from a front porch…



This is not my current front porch but it is one of my favorite places to sit and reflect …sitting on the porch reminds me of a simpler time, I imagine it being like Mayberry where people greeted one another, where they would gather to talk, sip tea and enjoy one another’s company. We live in such a rush to get here and there that we rarely slow down for a visit and sit a spell. The porch in the above picture was the first covered porch I had at any place I had lived that far in life, I truly enjoyed it in all seasons but especially in the Spring, it was a nice place to have coffee in the morning or visit with friends,  in the evening as the sun was setting I had the best seat to watch the show.
This is the front porch of my home where I live now , it is my favorite place to be outdoors and one of my most favorite places for my quiet time, I also enjoy it in the evening and night time now  I know I use this scripture a lot “Be still and know that I am God.” but stillness is a place that God can truly speak to the heart of His children, it seems like stillness is a place God keeps bringing me to.  On those days when I am awake in the pre-dawn hours, that moment just before the sun makes its appearance all is still and then slowly I hear the birds start to awake and the world around me comes to life !!
Those are the moments I feel that each day is truly a new beginning now I will admit more days than not I miss that moment but on those rare days that I greet the day before it greets me the reward is so worth it no matter what season we are in, it is in those moments I have got some of the most beautiful pictures of the birds of that season, it is also the time that I hear that still small voice of God and am rewarded with some of the best and most reflective times with my Heavenly Father.
God has not only blessed us with a beautiful home but also with a wonderful place for each day new beginning a place not only to drink my coffee but to drink in His word.  As the season’s weather permits the front porch is always my choice for my quiet time with God.
With the start of each new day, I encourage you to find that place to greet God, to sit at the feet of His word and drink it in.
Footnote: This is a devotion that was started last Spring on a much warmer day.
Repost from a former blog – January 2015
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