Where do you hear God?



During my quiet time this morning, I varied from my regular routine and decide to Be Still… now I know I use this scripture a lot but I do believe that is a place God really wants us, we busy our lives with so much noise and running here and there how is it that we can ever hear Him??  So this morning on this rare very warm winter’s morning I sat on my front porch and had my quiet time with God, I closed my eyes and allowed my other senses to take over.
First thing I heard first before ever going outside to sit was the birds as they were waking up, I love that moment before the dawn comes, it’s just before dawn when I hear the birds coming alive with song, it adds such harmony to the other music of our universe.  It was a bit windy and as pictured above I could hear the tree across the street rustling in the wind,it had its own kind of melody going on ,then I could hear the wind chimes on our front porch , this is my favorite set given to us by our friends Dixie and Larry when Poppy died, it too has a melody all it’s own but putting all those sounds together  was like they had their own symphony playing.
The next thing I noticed was the smell of  my surroundings , it had  rained a bit earlier and was getting ready to rain again ,I could smell the earth from it’s earlier soak, the coffee that sat on the table next to me and beckoned me to drink and me not wanting to waste one drop of the yummy goodness obeyed it’s calling, I absolutely love the smell of those two things, the earth after a rain shower and coffee !
The earth and its surroundings have a feel to it as well, as the wind would blow I could feel a small but warm breeze and of course as it started to rain I could feel the drops of moisture. I could also feel the heat from my coffee mug.   As I drank I could taste the richness of the coffee beans and creamer in my coffee, I love it when you can taste a rich, dark coffee flavor tempered only by a small amount of flavored creamer.
Yes  God allowed me to use my other senses this morning and as I experienced each one I said a prayer of thanks to him for it. I usually have a devotion book I use in my quiet time but this morning I enjoyed the detour God took me on.
Thank you so much, God, for giving us our senses to experience this world you have created help us never to take for granted our surroundings and your provisions, thank you always in all ways.
Repost from a former blog – February 2015
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