Be still…



When I was a little girl we played a game called Statue tag, the idea was someone was it and if they tagged you immediately you froze like a statue… The above picture reminds me of that game but also it reminds me of the scripture Psalms 46:10 ~ Be still and know that I am God.   Still is a place God wants us to be while waiting for instruction … Recently I had a Tonsillectomy you may think what does this have to do with the price of tea in China …well it has been in my time of recovery (As I write this…Now)  that God has spoken to my heart in a very deep and meaningful way… God knew that this was to be a quiet time for me and because He has the full attention I am gaining daily insight into His will for my life…
In the last 5 years, I have been that wayward child of God, floundering and reckless bad choice after bad choice with what seemed no end in sight… At one point I thought I would never turn back to God but Praise Him he didn’t give up on me… Each passing day brings new truth to me and God shows me through his word the plan He has for my life, A life of blessings overflowing… All because I am still and listening…
What does God want to show you?? Are you willing to be still and wait or do you rush ahead and miss His best??
Won’t you Be Still… And know that He is God Today and every day!!
Wait for His best, I promise it will be worth it!!
Repost from a former blog – August 2013
Saved To Serve, Serve To Inspire,
Simply Peg