It is not so much the focus of the geese in this picture that I love about it but the reflection… Life does at times mirror art… God’s creation can mirror life and without God, we would have no life so I guess there is no can to it, however, life doesn’t always reflect God.  So many times I fall short of showing God to others and it is usually those times that I am not reflecting on God and His word that that happens.
Today as our pastor was speaking about the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 I thought about how they are guides for the Christian life and that believers need to reflect them. God says Blessed are they who… before each which tells me He truly wants to bless however our job is to follow the guidelines He has put before us. For some time now i have had a personal struggle that I knew if I ever started would be very hard to stop this has proven to be true but the times I am reflecting on God’s word first thing of each day I find that that struggle is less because I have given it to the one who says He will carry it for me the way He did on the cross!
This is a quote from a sign I painted a few years ago that says: ” Good morning this is God, I will be handling your day, I will not need your help so relax and have a good day Enjoy! how true this is if we would only do just that, I will admit I do have some control issues especially when it comes to thinking I can handle things in my own strength the before mentioned personal struggle is a prime example of this I know no I shouldn’t but I think I can handle it and do it anyway, what is it that Paul says to paraphrase: The things I should do I don’t and the things I don’t do I should. Darn that evil free will… It is both a blessing and a curse.
So as I end this time of reflection for another day I once again am reminded of my life changing verse: Psalms 51:8-14 and go to it often the above picture is a reminder to me to enjoy God’s grace and forgiveness and to rest and reflect on Him and Him alone.

Repost from a former blog – May 2011

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