Calm Before The Storm


Has there been a time in your life when you felt a sense of calm just before things really broke loose? The picture above was taken at Patoka Lake right before a night of very severe weather rolled in, my friend JB rode along with me on this photo shoot and when I was driving to pick him up tornado sirens were going off  but being the adventurous type that I am we plunged forward and drove to get the pictures anyway..
The old saying life imitates art is true.. not too long ago I had a clam before the storm moment in my life the sad part was I was the storm. The calm part of the situation was that I thought I had forgiven a friend for a poor choice on her part and we were moving past it but then the storm came and it had my voice and like storms in life it came from out of nowhere and with no thought to the path of destruction it might leave behind. I really had no idea I was capable of such venom and anger… I destroyed another person with my words and more importantly a friendship I may have said things that some of her other friends say behind her back (and they do because they have said them to me) but I was so very wrong to allow the storm of anger, hurt and bitterness to destroy and devastate another person least of all someone who I called friend.  In all my years on this earth I have never no matter how mad, hurt or frustrated I was with another person especially a friend caused such great hurt toward them that I can never recover the friendship yes I have had words but always chose to say little but this time just like a bad storm brewing I let everything I bottled up come flying out like a Texas Tornado and the saddest part of all is that I not only hurt her but others in the process.
Will I learn to forgive myself for my actions yes eventually I will, have I asked her forgiveness, yes I have and apologized to not only her but her fiance and Mom as well. I have to know idea to this day why I did what I did something inside me snapped and I was off. Deep in my heart, I truly wish no ill will toward her or anyone for that matter but just know that if your life is not in check with God’s will we can all be capable of causing storms. Lesson learned is to keep open communication with your family and friends and don’t let something fester so long that you become a storm in someone’s life because you didn’t tell them how something made you feel in the first place.

Repost from a former blog May 2011

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