What Matters Most?


What Matters Most??
It is funny how one event can cause a chain reaction. Almost two weeks ago my husband and daughter were in a car accident, this alone would have been enough to change the course of events but the realization that I could have lost both my husband and daughter have really made me stop and think.
This one event has been a huge wake-up call for me and changes are coming as a result. 
The above picture was taken the day after Christmas this year, Steve and Sarah were outside clearing off the snow from my car, our now only vehicle until we go truck shopping for a new one for Steve… I love this picture of the two most important people in my life , I really don’t think I would want to do life without either of them in it, sure they gang up on me when Sarah comes home for a visit and they seem to have a closeness that most Fathers and Daughters have, but I wouldn’t trade any of that for anything in this world.
So many memories of my life so far are with them both at the center. Never take for granted the ones you love and always make time for memories.  This Christmas visit home for Sarah I am sure will be memorable what a way to be welcomed home for the holidays, go to Walmart for supplies and supper and get rear-ended and a trip to the ER via an ambulance. Welcome home for the holidays and glad you finally woke up to what is really important Peg, I didn’t think you were ever going to get it… That was God’s message to me.
In this season of Jesus birth let’s remember the true meaning of Christmas and John 3:16.
Don’t wait for a wake-up call to get what really matters most.
Repost from a former blog – December 2012


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