The Legacy She Left


Our lives are the sum of the legacy we leave, so let God guide your legacy.  
Maggie P

Mom arms not only good for hugs, but for corraling the little ones!


Today marks the 5 year anniversary of laying my Mom to rest, as the years go by it doesn’t get any easier, it’s just different. I still live with the regret of not having a closer relationship with her or healing what relationship we did have, but over the last 5 years, I have thought often about what was left behind. Mom was a military wife and with that brought strength, but I can honestly say growing up I did not look at it that way, so much of my younger years were spent with my Mom being both parents as my Dad was absent from our lives due to the military sending him to and fro without his family. My Mom’s Mom lived with us and I know that added to my Mom’s stress level, but to top that off I have a younger sister who is challenged and that brought with it its own challenges.

Amazing what you deal with when you don’t have a choice, When my Mom’s Mom died my Mom shut down, it was the year  we moved to Indiana if my memory serves me right, my Dad was stationed in Okinawa, Japan and had to fly home on a quick leave, my Mom dealt with everything by herself, including making arrangement for grandma Whites funeral( her Mom), Mom did well with most things but finances was not her strong suit and as I said she shut down. All this to say I completely understand that response as I did when I lost her as well.

Over the last 5 years, I have thought many times on my Mom’s strengths and the legacy she has left behind, I think about her passion of reading and writing, in the last few years before her death she became a lay speaker in her church body, she also was passionate about hats, this, however, is not something I have acquired, I think what stands out to me most is how she gave of herself selflessly to others in her volunteerism to her community and the surrounding areas. Red Cross and Special Olympics were just two of her passions, Mom coached basketball and volleyball for Special Olympics for my sister’s team, she worked with Red Cross disaster services for more years than I can count.

As I reflect on the legacy my Mom has left I pray that through the gifts and talents that God has given me that I too can pass on a legacy of a life well lived serving others to our daughter. you are missed beyond words everyday Mom, but I know you are home with the Lord, I knew when you said to me you were praying for me that you truly were, you lived an imperfect life in a perfect faith out loud and I pray that I can leave at least half the legacy you have left me.

Saved To Serve A God Styled Life,

Maggie P